Friday 13 July 2018

Muhammad ﷺ: Noor Ya Bashar

Younus AlGohar answers a very important question regarding Prophet Mohammad (saw): is he Bashar or an embodiment of God’s Light?

Main points:

- God said: I created Adam in my own image. This is why one cannot say Prophet Mohammad had a human image; he had God’s image just like Adam.

- Prophet Mohammad said, ”A satanic jinn is born with every human being. One was born with me as well but it became purified in my company.” Keeping this Prophetic Tradition in perspective, it can be said that Prophet Mohammad was momentarily Bashar.

- The word Bashar means ‘with mischief’ and this refers to the satanic jinn which is the Carnal Self which became purified within moments of being in the divine company of Prophet Mohammad’s body. Therefore, Prophet Mohammad was Bashar for mere moments.

- In the Koran, God said: I have sent forth for your sake my Light and the Kitab um Mubeen.

- Kitab um Mubeen refers to the Holy Koran and God’s Light refers to the Prophet Mohammad. Although, people believe that both refer to the Holy Koran but if that were the case the word ‘and’ would not have been used to separate the two words.


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