Sunday 29 July 2018

Sakoon Aur Itmenan Mein Farq

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Younus AlGohar answers a viewer-submitted question about ‘sakoon’ and how to obtain peace of heart.

Main points:

- ‘Sakoon’ is an Arabic word and it means ‘to become stationary’. The original word for Spiritual Heart is Qalb and that itself means ‘to change’. A person’s desires and demands are constantly changing. If a person’s constantly changing states were come to a halt, this would be known as ‘Sakoon’, however this does not happen.

- The Urdu language doesn’t have its own roots - ‘Urdu’ means ‘caravan’ in Turkish. Most of the words in Urdu are borrowed from Arabic or Persian, and some are from Hindi. In Urdu, we take ‘Sakoon’ to mean peace. If someone says ‘Dil ko sakoon milay,’ we take it to mean, ‘Peace of heart’ but this is wrong.

- The Spiritual Heart (Qalb) has nothing to do with Sakoon; rather it is either in a state of unease or Itmenaan (content). The Koran 13:28 says that the content of the heart lies in remembrance of God. People think that by verbally invoking God, they will obtain contentment of the heart, but this is not so. The heart will obtain content when God’s name is invoked within it.

- Contentment of the heart is the first step towards Tawwakul billah (trust in God).


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