Wednesday 4 July 2018

Kiya Murshid Pakarna Zaroori Hai?

Rana Shakeel asks, ‘Does one need a Spiritual Guide?’

Main points:

- It has been 400 years since a Perfect Spiritual Guide came. Before, when a Spiritual Guide would come, Tariqat (spirituality) would be dominant. In the absence of Spiritual Guides, Sharia (religious law) would become dominant. However, after 400 years without a Spiritual Guide, Sharia remained dominant and spiritual knowledge became extinct in the religion. This gave rise to sectarianism and instead of consulting the Koran to understand the religion, people considered the clerics’ opinions and statements to be wholly representative of the religion.

- When from not knowing anything, a man enters into the region of knowing things, this is a journey. If there was no light, you wouldn’t know of darkness. When you came to know of light, you were able to differentiate between light and darkness. Similarly, in Koran 18:17 God says, ‘Those who I wish to misguide, he will not find a Spiritual Guide.’

- The devil comes in different guises, sometimes in the guise of a cleric and sometimes in the guise of pseudo-Sufis. These imposters sell Sufism because the common people no longer have the criteria to recognise true Sufism. So it is not correct to ask, ‘Does on need a Spiritual Guide?’ Rather you should say, ‘It is necessary to have a Perfect Spiritual Guide.’ According to the Koran, a Spiritual Guide is one who is in the first instance a Friend of God. Without sainthood, no Spiritual Guide is appointed by God. It is necessary for a Friend of God to have either seen and met God or have spoken to God. The job of the Spiritual Guide is to connect you to God and revive your souls.

- The predestined loving souls who recited the Declaration of Faith in the presence of God on the Primordial Day need a Spiritual Guide. When such people come to the world, they seek out a Spiritual Guide to help them reach God; there is an inner fire that makes them passionate in seeking God.


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