Sunday, 8 July 2018

Tawwasul Yani Waseela Kiya Hai? Jabrooti Tashreeh

Younus AlGohar’s comprehensive explanation of ‘Wasilah’ (Intermediary).

Main points:

- There is an explanation of Intermediary within the Sharia but it is inadmissible. The important and beneficial explanation is the Intermediary relating to the Realm of Malakut (Angels) - which is of a lower grade - and the Realm of Jabrut (Souls) - which is more eminent.

- There are six realms in total in the Higher Realms and they are divided into two categories of three. On top are the three realms relating to God (Zaatiya) and below are the three realms relating to creation (Conia). In between the two sets of realms is a gap and that is where Bait ul Mamour, the Original Kaaba, is stationed. All the worship of the people of Earth reach the Original Kaaba.

- Gabriel had been appointed by God to fill that gap because if it remained empty the worship of mankind would not reach God from the Original Kaaba. After the arrival of Prophet Mohammad, one of his Esoteric Beings (sub-spirits) took the place of Gabriel. Thereafter, all the worship of mankind would reach Prophet Mohammad and through him it would reach God. The same thing happened when Sheikh Abdul Qadri Jilani’s era came.

- When this happens, a person would automatically see the image of either Prophet Mohammad or Ghous Pak during Salat. Which is why when His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi arrived and His sub-spirit was given the keys to God’s Personal Name, all those who would see His Divine Eminence during Salat at the place of prostration it would mean their Salat has reached God. And their Dhikr of Ya Gohar would automatically turn into Allah Hu.

- However, if any person on earth does not think well of any Spiritual Dignitary then their worship is rejected there and then, it does not even reach the Intermediary let alone reach God. If someone does not have a connection to the Jabruti Intermediary then they have to gain access to a Malakuti Intermediary which comes in the form of saints. If your heart is connected to the heart of the saint whose heart is connected to the Jabruti Intermediary, that is your connection.


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