Monday 20 August 2018

Allah Kin Ki Shehrag Se Qareeb Hai?

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Younus AlGohar explains the Prophetic Tradition in which God says, 'I am closer to my servant than his own conjecture. I deal with him according to the conjecture he has about me.'

Main points:

- Here, God is not addressing common people. He is speaking about those to whom he is closer than their jugular vein: those who have brought God in them and who have, at the very least, seen God. Whatever conjecture such divinely accomplished people have about God will determine how God deals with them.

- Everyone has the conjecture that God will help them and provide for them - so had God been addressing common people in this, he would fulfil all their supplications because it would be in accordance with the conjecture they had about him. So this is proof that this statement made by God is not for the average person.


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