Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Kiya Tassawur-e-Shaikh Zaroori hai?

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Younus AlGohar explains why visualisation of the Spiritual Guide is necessary for those on the path of Spirituality.

Main points:

- The history of Sufism indicates that the visualisation of the Spiritual Guide has been given fundamental importance in all Spiritual systems and orders and it is the very first step.

- Visualisation holds a very special rank in Spirituality. Whether someone practises a religion or not, every single person spends a significant amount of time pondering something or other, making plans for the future etc. However, esoterically, this is a negative act. The more you think about worldly things the more veils come upon your heart and the further away from God you will be.

- Thinking about an impure person who is riddled with evil energy will result in all of their esoteric insects of their sins being transferred onto you. With the same token, if you think about a purified person with divine energy, their goodness and divine energy will be transferred onto you.

- This is why a lot of saints of God were commanded not to meet with people because their Divine Energy would be transferred onto the people who would admire the saints and spend their time thinking about them.

- The novices of Spirituality would be told to visualise the Spiritual Guide so that they are able to purify their thoughts and their hearts would become enlightened. However, it all depends on the rank of the Spiritual Guide. You will be blessed in accordance to the status and rank of the Spiritual Guide.


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