Thursday 2 August 2018

Sohbat-e-Rasool Kin Ke Liye Mufeed Thi?

Who were the beneficiaries of Prophet Mohammad’s physical company? Why did some companions obtain guidance and some remained misguided? Find out in Younus AlGohar’s lecture.

Main points:

- There were many companions who daily sat in the physical company of Prophet Mohammad (saw), despite that many remained to be hypocrites. Just like a dear servant of Moula Ali was the one who martyred him.

- The Koran [2:151] says that Prophet Mohammad would purify the Lower Self of his followers as they sat in his physical company. This refers to the Divine Theophanies that would fall upon the Prophet. Yet, many companions remained to be hypocrites.

- Zaid was a companion who would always make efforts to make Prophet Mohammad laugh whenever he saw the Prophet was in a sombre mood. His comedy and theatrics would bemuse the Prophet, making him forget about his troubles. However, he was an alcoholic. The other companions would curse him but Prophet Mohammad declared that Zaid has God’s and his prophet’s love in his heart. Zaid obtained this rank by pleasing the heart of Prophet Mohammad.

- This means that those whom God chooses to have faith in their fates would obtain spiritual benevolence from the physical company of the prophet. Those whom God does not like do not obtain this spiritual benevolence. It could be entirely possible that if there were 50 companions of the Prophet, one of them would come under the Divine Theophanies and the one next to him would be deprived.


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