Monday 6 August 2018

Karamat Aur Istadraj Mein Farq

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Younus AlGohar lecture about the difference between Karamat and Istadraj.

Main points:

- The Divine Theophanies which befall saints is the result of the merciful glance of the Lord. Whereas, Istadraj is an act of hocus-pocus shown through the power of Satan; it is shown purely to lead a person to misguidance.

- The Antichrist will show many grand phenomenons but it will be invested with the Devil’s power, therefore, it will not have any effect. However, anything which the human intellect is unable to comprehend is considered to be a miracle. This is a dilemma for those who follow saints.

- There are many acts performed by saints of God and other Spiritual Dignitaries that are beyond the comprehension of human intellect but this should not be the criterion for the recognition of a saint. Especially when the only known miracles are: walking on water, flying in the air, bringing the one's who have passed away back to life etc but all of these things can be done through Istadraj.

- Istadraj is a very dangerous thing. It is also used to test those who are becoming Enlightened Believers. One test of an Enlightened Believer is by God which is executed through the Spiritual Guide and another test is by the Devil and it is with the permission of God. The Devil knows that the Spiritual Guide will be merciful upon his disciple so he wants to test the person’s mettle.


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