Sunday 12 August 2018

Murshid-e-Kamil Ko Kis Umar Mein Talash Karna Chahiye | ALRA TV

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When is the perfect time to search for a Spiritual Guide? Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question.

Main points:

- Koran [18:17] "Those I wish to misguide are deprived if finding a Spiritual Guide." This statement by God indicates the fact that if God wishes to grant guidance to someone, he will provide a Spiritual Guide for them. Therefore, to provide a Spiritual Guide is God's responsibility.

- Just as God gave the responsibility of nurturing you and bringing you up to your parents, God has taken the responsibility for your guidance. God will create a path for you, one way or another. There are no coincidences in Spirituality.

- Those who have this longing for God in their heart, as they grow up from youth to adolescence, the desire to find God also grows stronger; you become restless. Those who have faith written in their fate do obtain God's help in finding a Perfect Spiritual Guide.


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