Wednesday 22 August 2018

Deedar-e-Mustafa (saw) Ka Tareeqa

Younus AlGohar comprehensively answers a viewer’s question about how to see the beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Main points:

- There are many types of ways one sees Prophet Mohammad. To see Prophet Mohammad is the right and obligation of a Momin (enlightened believer) in the nation of Prophet Mohammad. There are conditions attached to seeing Prophet Mohammad set by God - you must fulfil certain requirements of piety in order to qualify to see him.

- There are 7 spirits in your body; after purification of the souls, they begin to resemble you in appearance. 5 of them are in the chest and 1 is in the forehead, the Ana - these 6 are celestial spirits whose diet is divine energy. There is also a satanic cell in you (at the naval point): the Lower Self; its diet is evil energy. When you were born in this world, the celestial spirits in you were not given their diet of divine energy, hence they remain dormant. However, evil energy is in abundance in the world; therefore with every breath you take, your Lower Self obtains its diet. In order to give our celestial spirits their diet and embark upon the Straight Path, we have to obtain Opening of the Chest (Shar-e-Sadr) with God’s name to bring in divine energy. To purify the Lower Self, the Spiritual Guide makes a circular wall of divine energy around the Lower Self to cut off its supply of negative energy. The Lower Self starves and when it demands sustenance, the Spiritual Guide offers it divine energy; it takes the divine energy from him out of necessity.

- The heart can engage in the invocation of God 3000-6000 times per hour. The job of the heart is to oxygenate the blood and when the oxygen enters the blood, at the same time the divine energy of God’s name enters the blood. When divine energy enters the bloodstream, your body becomes obedient to God; when your souls and body are obedient to God, this is Islam (total submission to God). Then for such a person is Koran 39:22. When you reach this stage, you will qualify to see Prophet Mohammad’s Lower Self.

- To see Prophet Mohammad’s Spiritual Heart (Qalb), you will have to completely follow Esoteric Sharia and Tariqat (spirituality). There are 4 chapters of Tariqat, the first of which is Zakooriyat which is the expertise of engaging your souls and terrestrial spirits in the invocation of God. Trees and stones remember God (as per the Koran); you have the same terrestrial spirits that are in trees and stones, therefore with the help of a Spiritual Guide, you should learn how to engage your terrestrial spirits in the invocation of God. When your celestial spirits, terrestrial spirits and Lower Self are enlightened, you will see Prophet Mohammad’s Spiritual Heart (Qalb).

- When your Ana (the soul in the forehead) learns the knowledge of seeing God and it is enlightened, it will go to the higher realms to witness the divine splendour. It will be Prophet Mohammad’s soul that will introduce you to God: he will say, ’This is my Ummati (a member of my nation) and he wishes to see you.’ That is when you will see the real Prophet Mohammad as well.

- A character is formed when the Lower Self is purified and the Spiritual Heart is free of the 180 000 layers of vices upon it and it is engaged in the invocation of God’s name. Prophet Mohammad was granted by God the greatest of all characters. Prophet Mohammad’s character is the model for Muslims. You have to follow Prophet Mohammad’s outer and inner. Prophet Mohammad didn’t hate anybody. He taught that no one should be harmed by your words or hands. But today, Muslims of different sects do not want to exist in one single society with one another. Terrorism has spread because of the lack of spiritual knowledge. Those who have the Knowledge of Eminence spread love.


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