Friday 24 August 2018

Qurbani Ya Riyakari

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Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked for clarification about the importance of animal sacrifice on Eid ul Adha and the reality of the Nafs (Lower Self).

Main points:

- Before animal sacrifice, human beings used to be sacrificed and this was decreed by God. However, God changed this when he asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, and in place of the son, a lamb was sacrificed. Following this custom of Abraham is a means to wash away your sins.

- Common people do not purify their Lower Selves or go to the jungles for austerity; therefore, God has commanded them to fast one month out of the entire year and also sacrifice an animal - this is to cleanse them of their sins. The elite of God, however, sacrifice their Lower Selves.

- If you do sacrifice an animal on Eid ul Adha, you have to make sure the money you are using towards the purchase of the animal is lawfully earned. If any of the money you use is unlawfully earned, your sacrifice is not acceptable to God. Secondly, the sacrifice of animals was commanded at a time when people did not get to eat meat regularly; today, the mass butchering of sheep for this purpose is simply a waste of money. People butcher the sheep, keep half the meat in their own freezers and distribute the rest to those who are already well fed. The poor do not benefit from it. Therefore, it is better to donate the money you would have used on butchering the animal to organisations that help the poor and disadvantaged.

- You butcher the largest animals you can afford just to show off to others. And once you butcher the animal, you don’t even dispose of the carcass properly. You just throw the unusable body parts in the streets, creating unhygienic conditions. This is why, following Eid ul Adha in Pakistan, people’s health starts to deteriorate and continues to deteriorate for 6 months. Today, Eid ul Adha is just a way for people to show off and compete with one another. The original purpose is lost.


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