Saturday, 8 June 2019

7 Aasman Aur Aalimeen

Younus AlGohar breaks down the makeup of the Terrestrial Realm, Angelic Realm and the Realm of Jabrout (which hosts the Realm of Souls and Bait ul Mamour) in this enlightening lecture.


- There are not seven skies, but rather seven different universes. Our entire solar system is part of one universe: the Terrestrial Realm. All the planets in this realm are moving in their own orbits - this includes Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Earth, the Sun, etc. What we know as stars are actually rocks which have absorbed photons from the Sun’s rays; the photons cause them to light up. The blueish fog we see as our ‘sky’ on Earth is the same fog you would see from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. God sent human beings to inhabit seven planets in this solar system; they would be sent to paradise or hellfire depending on whether they did good deeds or bad deeds.

- The Angelic Realm is the next realm after the Terrestrial Realm. Its sky is a yellow fog. There are fourteen planets in the Angelic Realm - seven for paradise and seven for hellfire. Each level of paradise and hellfire is its own planet. After the Day of Judgement is over, if you have a Secured Heart (Qalb-e-Saleem) - since the Spiritual Heart is related to the first level of paradise, Khuld, it will automatically pull you towards that planet: this is known as the Pul-e-Siraat. You would travel with the power of your enlightened Spiritual Heart, which would cross the orbit of Khuld without resistance.

- The Realm of Jabrout is beyond the Angelic Realm. There are multiple planets in this universe. The Realm of Souls is a planet in the Realm of Jabrout which hosts all the human souls which have yet to be sent down into the world. Alam-e-Barzakh (The Realm of Purgation) has two smaller planets which are known as the waiting rooms to paradise or hellfire respectively: Sijiyeen and Illiyeen. Bait ul Mamour (The Esoteric Kaaba) is also a planet in the Realm of Jabrout which is where all the souls worship.

- There are esoteric highways for people travelling to the higher realms. They must first fully revive and enlighten their soul and be approved by their Spiritual Guide before they can travel on a particular highway. There is one highway, white in colour, which leads directly to the Realm of Divine Oneness (Alam-e-Ahdiyat); it is reserved exclusively for those who have Tifle-e-Noori (a supreme entity from God known as the Body of Divine Light). His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi sent the souls of some of His followers on the highway of the Tifl-e-Noori with ease. These highways are known as ‘Sabeel’ in the Koran - as in Koran 2:154.

- There are many other universes beyond the aforementioned realms which also have multiple planets. One cannot pass the Realm of Jabrout without an intermediary. People who possess a sub-spirit of their Spiritual Guide can travel beyond the Realm of Jabrout because the sub-spirit aids them in their journey.


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