Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Kya Eesa (as) Ne Dobara Aana Hai?


Younus AlGohar discusses the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in light of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions.


- According to the Koran, Jesus Christ was ascended physically to the higher realms by God. He will have to descend on Earth because his body was meant for Earth. Death only occurs in the Terrestrial Realm; if something leaves the Terrestrial Realm and ascends to the higher realms, it cannot die.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, ‘I am the City of Knowledge.’

- The Koran is one aspect of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) because it was revealed onto his heart. He understands it best. Therefore, you should consult Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) because the Koran is not separate from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). There are many things which were not discussed in the Koran, but which Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) addressed - such as Jesus Christ’s return. The ultimate source of knowledge is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), not the Koran.

Koran 53:3-4 says, ‘Not a single word passes from his lips out of his own desires. Rather he [only] utters the divine revelation.'

- So this verse means, 'O' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), when do you ever move your lips except for when the divine revelation is revealed?' According to this Koranic verse, even if Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) asks for water, you must consider it to be the Koran. One type of divine revelation comes from the higher realms, however, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) also had God’s presence within him which spoke through him. That presence of God could have said, 'Bring me water.'

Koran 59:7 says, 'O' Devout Believers, take whatever Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gives you. And quit whatever he forbids you to do.'

- So Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that Jesus Christ will return; you have to accept it otherwise you are not a Muslim.

- Jesus Christ was already a prophet before the advent of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the world. His return does not affect the Finality of Prophethood because that only applies to new prophets. No new prophets or messengers shall come after Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to his nation, 'How eminent must you be [as a nation] when I, Mohammad, am here at your commencement and Jesus Christ and Imam Mehdi are at your culmination.'


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