Thursday, 6 June 2019

Darood Sharif Ki Fazilat

Younus AlGohar explains the meaning of ‘Rehmatallil Alameen (Blessings Upon the World)’, a title given to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He also reveals the real reason God instructed the Muslims to send benedictions upon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


- There are different sources of information. You may find that information in books, in the Koran, in the Prophetic Traditions or even the Spiritual Guide. There also comes a time in spirituality where one reaches the Guarded Tablet and receives information directly. Whatever I have heard from His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, I relay it verbatim without any additions from my side. If I were to tamper with His words, it would mean that I have nothing to do with Him.

- God separated the timeline of this world into three separate eras: the Age of the Prophets, the Age of Blessings and the Age of Rapturous Love. We are in the last episode of the world. In the Age of the Prophets, people would worship and this would determine whether they would enter paradise of hellfire. The Age of Blessings was the era of the saints and it was known as the Age of Blessings because divine theophanies (Nazar-e-Rehmat) would befall the saints. Those sitting in the company of those saints would also reap the benefits from the divine theophanies.

- The word ‘Rehmat’ has completely different meanings depending on whether you are talking about it linguistically, religiously, practically or in terms of spirituality. Linguistically, it means blessings. Practically, it cleanses you of the Great Sins you may have committed. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is known as ‘Rehmatallil Alameen (Blessings Upon the World)’ because saints in his nation would cleanse the world of the Great Sins.

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was extremely happy when Gabriel brought the verse of the Koran which advised the Devout Believers to send benedictions upon the Prophet (PBUH). The reason for this happiness was because it would serve to cleanse the sinners of their sins; God had promised to send blessings upon those who sent the benedictions.

- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declares that those who send benedictions upon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the lifespan of their Spiritual Heart is extended even if they don’t obtain the Opening of the Spiritual Heart before the age of 40. The act of sending benedictions upon the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) preserves the life of your Spiritual Heart.


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