Friday, 28 June 2019

Zikar e Qalb Ka Maqsad

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who was worried that his heart was not engaged in the invocation of God’s name.


- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s purpose for coming into the world is to connect the aspiring hearts with God. He is taking humanity to God purely for the sake of God and his Rapturous Love.

- God tests you on the spiritual path. He tests some people initially when they are granted Zikar-e-Qalb (The Opening of the Spiritual Heart) and he tests some later.

- Greater than Zikar-e-Qalb is being associated with His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi (Nisbat-e-Gohar Shahi) and loving Him.

- A saint will hear the invocation of God’s name in their heart. A Devout Believer (Momin) will simply feel it.

- When Younus AlGohar obtained Zikar-e-Qalb from HDE Gohar Shahi, he heard the invocation of God’s name immediately from within him, saw the Prophet’s Mosque travelling with him and noticed that everything he touched would begin to invoke God’s name. This was a demonstration of unshakeable trust in HDE Gohar Shahi (Yaqeen) being granted.

- There are two ways you can travel the path leading to God: either through your own efforts (with Zikar-e-Qalb) or through the spiritual concentration of a grand spiritual personality.

- The ultimate goal is to revive and strengthen your souls - whether through Zikar-e-Qalb or through somebody’s spiritual concentration. Zikar-e-Qalb is but a means to cleanse you.

- The most important thing is to become associated with HDE Gohar Shahi.


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