Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Nafs e Mutmainna: Maqam e Radhia Mardhia


Younus AlGohar elaborates on the final stage of the Lower Self, the Contented Self, and explains the Station of Radhia Mardhia (Your Will is My Will, My Will is Your Will).


'O' you who has the Contented Self, I am pleased with you. Become pleased with me.' - Koran 89:27-28

- Up until the stage of the Inspired Self, one is a Devout Believer. They can reach this stage through their own efforts: by performing spiritual austerity and invoking God’s name. The Contented Self is awarded at the Station of Sainthood and cannot be attained through one’s own efforts.

-  One only reaches the stage of the Contented Self when God wishes to befriend them. When God wishes to befriend somebody, he sends his theophanies upon their Spiritual Heart, changing it from Muneeb (The Heart Turned Towards God) to Shaheed (The Witnessing Heart). At the same time, the Lower Self comes under those theophanies and changes from the Inspired Self to the Contented Self. Without the divine theophanies, the Lower Self cannot become the Contented Self.

- God is only content with the Contented Self because he knows that his theophanies, which will fall on the saint 360 times a day, will not allow the Lower Self to stray towards mischief. The reason God is not content with somebody who has an Inspired Self or Blameworthy Self is because if they were to get lazy in their efforts, the state of their Lower Selves could easily decline to an earlier stage.

-  Right before one is granted sainthood, they go through a final test. That test is carried out by Khidr and it may last one year or three years. During that time, the aspirant’s patience is tested in a multitude of ways: for example, God might take their children, parents or health from them. If they are happy with God’s will, they pass the test. That is when the pact of Radhia Mardhia is made.

- According to the pact of Radhia Mardhia between God and his saint, the saint has to do whatever God says and God will do whatever the saint says regardless of the divine law. God made this pact with His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, so God asked HDE Gohar Shahi to keep certain Predestined Hell-bound Souls with Him, He obliged. And when HDE Gohar Shahi asked God to change the fate of certain Predestined Hell-bound Souls, God obliged too.


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