Monday, 3 June 2019

Zikar Allah Kya Hai?


Younus AlGohar explains what Zikar Allah (Invocation of God’s name) is at the request of a viewer.


'The obligation of Zikar Allah comes before all other obligations.' - Prophetic Tradition

- Repeating God's name over and over is the invocation of God's name (Zikar). It is greater than Salat and it is the foremost obligation in the religion. Obligations are either temporary or eternal. Salat is a temporary obligation and Zikar is an eternal obligation.

God said in Koran 4:103 that you must stay engaged in God's invocation while sitting, standing and even sleeping.

A Prophetic Tradition states those who fail to fulfil the eternal obligation, their temporary obligations are not accepted either.

- There are many forms of worship but the invocation of God is God’s favourite. God particularly enjoys it when a human being in the Terrestrial Realm has engaged his heart in invocation of God’s name and the voice of his heart echoes in the Empyrean of God. When the sound of the invocation reaches up there but the one invoking upon God is unseen, the angels ask God, 'Whose voice is this?' God says smugly, 'This is the voice of the human being whom you refused to prostrate to.'

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) told a gathering of Companions including Umar-e-Farooq and Abu Bakr Siddiq, ‘When you see the Gardens of Paradise on Earth, enter and graze there.’ Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) explained that the Gardens of Paradise were the Zikar gatherings - and he advised them to participate in them. He said 'graze' because those whose inner faculties are not enlightened are known as animals in spiritual circles; however, divine energy would still enter them (but not settle there) when they sat in the Zikar gatherings. So this was one way that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was starting to give the Companions who were unenlightened spiritual knowledge.

One Prophetic Tradition states, 'Engage in God's invocation so passionately that when a hypocrite looks at you, he accuses you of showing off.'

'Engage in as passionate invocation of my name as you used to come here and praise your ancestors.' - Koran 2:200

- The Naqshbandi Sufi Order does not advise Zikar-e-Jehr, but there are many benefits to Zikar-e-Jehr. The veils of heedlessness are removed with Zikar-e-Jehr. The entire field of Zikar is linked to Sufism. People of every religions engage in invocation of God's name because Zikar is not confined to any religion - it is to do with God.

- Salat is a form of worship within the religion. No Prophetic Tradition says that the first question you will be asked on the Day of Judgement will be about your Salat.

'Neither your sons nor wealth shall benefit you on that Day. On that Day, only he shall be successful who brings with him a Secured Heart.' - Koran 26:88-89

The Koran 29:45 says, 'Salat stops you from committing bad deeds and immoral acts, whereas invocation of God's name is greater.'


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