Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Salat Ka Kya Matlab Hai?

Younus AlGohar provides an in-depth definition of Salat and its practical applications at the request of a viewer.


Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, ‘There is no Salat without the presence of the heart.’

- The root word of Salat is ‘Sal’ which is borrowed from the Suryani language. Sal means ‘to link/to connect/to make a liaison.’ Just as you cannot establish a telephone connection without having a working phone, you cannot establish Salat without the involvement of the Spiritual Heart.

‘Whether you use the name Allah, Rehman or any other name for God, all of God’s names are good. However, whenever you establish a link with your Lord, you don’t need to say it loudly.’ - Koran 17:110

- Before the Night of Ascension, the word ‘Salat’ was mentioned in the Koran. God told Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to establish Salat - meaning to stay linked to God - no matter what name of God he used. The Koran 108:1-3 also used the word ‘Fasal’, telling Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to establish and maintain his link with God.

- In the pre-Islamic era, there were 360 idols in the Kaaba which the Infidels of Mecca used to worship and revere. They would prostrate before the idols and when they were asked what they were doing, they would say that they were establishing a link with their Lord. The word they used to use to describe this was Salat. The counter-narrative from God on this matter was the revelation of the five time’s prayer, Salat. Many things in Islam were adopted from the pre-Islamic era. Salat simply means, ‘the worship which connects you to God.’ Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to establish a link with God before and after the Night of Ascension.

‘Protect that which lies between your ribs [and connects you to God, your heart].’ - Koran 2:238

- On the Night of Ascension, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) went to see God but he was told to wait because God at the time was in Salat - meaning that he was in contact with somebody

‘Establish a link with me (Salat). If you want to establish a link with me, engage in the invocation of my name.’ - Koran 20:14


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