Monday, 10 June 2019

Rouhon Ka Ilaj: Quran Ki Roshni Mein

Younus AlGohar’s comprehensive explanation of Koran 10:57 in light of his vast spiritual insight.


‘Instructions from God have come to humankind. A cure has come for the illness of [the subtleties of] the chest. And guidance and Rehmat (sainthood) for the Devout Believers.’ - Koran 10:57

- Two things mentioned in this verse are for common people and two things are for the Devout Believers. God addresses the common people and tells them that he has sent instructions and the spiritual cure for the souls in their chests that are ailing. Whereas for the Devout Believers, he has sent guidance and sainthood.

- Where is the spiritual cure that God mentioned in Koran 10:57? People say that it is in the Koran - but where? The Muslims are divided into 73 sects and they have been unable to find the spiritual cure in the Koran. God sent the spiritual cure for common people; the Devout Believers are those who are followers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Therefore, it means that the non-religious people would also receive divine grace from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and receive spiritual healing. The Koran provides healing effects when it has settled in somebody’s heart.

- The meaning of Rehmat in God’s eyes is the cleansing of sins. The Nazar-e-Rehmat (The Divine Merciful Glance) burns the sins and so do the common form of mercy. When you recite the Darood Sharif, God sends 10 'Rehmat' upon you, meaning that he cleanses 10 of your sins. The difference between Nazar-e-Rehmat and the mercy received from Darood Sharif is that Nazar-e-Rehmat will burn away the Great Sins whereas the mercy from Darood Sharif will burn your Lesser Sins. You only get the Nazar-e-Rehmat in the company of saints.

- So the Koran is saying in Koran 10:57 that those who have the Koran stored esoterically in their heart will benefit the Devout Believers who sit in their company. The Devout Believer’s Great Sins will start to be burnt when they sit with such people.


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